As many of you reading this will know, while doing the Venus Factor program to lose weight you will need to go on a calorie deficit.

This is when you reduce the amount of calories so that you body starts to burn off fat for energy.

For example with the Venus Factor calculator you may have worked out that you need 1,500 calories per day to maintain you weight and only 1,000 calories per day to start losing weight.

This means that we are eating less than our body needs to function properly and this can make us hungry.

Unless you have the willpower of a monk you’re going to get hungry while doing the Venus Factor program.

Now a lot of the food you will be eating will be high in fibre which makes you feel fuller for longer but you’re still gonna feel hungry.

Here’s 3 ways to avoid getting hungry while you’re following the Venus Factor system.

1.) Get Away From Food

After you’ve been doing the V.F program for a while you’ll start to get an idea of the times of day when you get hungry.

A good way to avoid eating at these times is to get away from food at these times. You could plan to walk the dog or plan your workout at these times.

Working out when you’re hungry is the best time to burn fat!

2. Throw Away The Junk Food

Ages ago when I was failing to lose weight and was snacking too much I realized that junk food was too easily accessible.

All I had to do was go to the cupboards and I there was popcorn and other crap to eat.

If you live by yourself then just throw it all out but if you’re like me and you live with your family who don’t need to lose weight then try putting the junk food in a locked container and give the key to someone else and tell them to never open it for you.

3.) Eat Slower

It takes a while after food passes our lips for the food to reach our stomach and for us to feel full.

20 minutes is the average time.

Because our Venus Factor meals are smaller it can be less satisfying and we can eat them in 3 minutes and we won’t feel full for another 17 if at all.

By eating slower and spreading out a meal over 20 minutes it will make you feel much fuller and you won’t feel the need to eat more after your meal.

Another thing I do is drink some green tea with my meals and it helps to make you feel fuller and it’s healthy.

Hunger is the worst thing about losing weight but if you follow the tips above then you’ll still feel hungry doing the Venus Factor but not as much.