Halloween is coming up millions of us will be buying pumpkins to carve a scary face into.

We always have high hopes for ourselves and think that we’re going to make something like this.

scary pumpkin

But most of the time it ends up like this.

not scary pumpkin

It’s harder than it looks right?

Pumpkins have almost become synonymous with Halloween but let’s be honest most of us don’t actually eat the pumpkins we buy, they’re just something to carve up for fun.

It may surprise you to know that pumpkins are actually very healthy for you.

Here are 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkins.

1.) Pumpkins Are Great For Weight Loss

pumpkins weight loss

Pumpkins are high in fiber and a whole cup only contains 48 calories as they’re 90% water!

A serving of pumpkin has about 7 grams of fiber. High fiber foods help us feel fuller for longer.

Studies show that people who snack on high fiber foods such as apples or in this case pumpkins tend to be slimmer and are able to lose weight quicker because they eat less.

2.) More Youthful Skin

pumpkins good for skin

Pumpkin pulp contains beta-carotene which is is known to help prevent wrinkles in the skin by helping to reduce the damage of UV rays.

Pumpkin pulp is actually high in nutrients and is soothing for the skin, many people actually use the pulp as a face mask.

3.) Pumpkins Help Defend Against Cancer

pumpkins fight against cancer

Much of the beta-carotene I mentioned earlier actually gets converted into vitamin-a when it gets digested.

Just one cup of pumpkin contains twice your recommended daily intake of vitamin-a.

Vitamin-a is a powerful antioxidant that acts as a shield to your cells to help fight cancer causing free radicals.

4.) Pumpkin Seeds Make Us Feel Happier

pumpkins make us happier

I eat pumpkin seeds not just over Halloween but all year round. This is because they contain an amino acid called tryptophan which helps produce serotonin.
A steady release of serotonin in our body helps regulate our mood and makes us happier people overall.

5.) Great Post Workout Snack

pumpkins post workout snack

The reason that bananas are touted as a great post workout snack is because they are fast acting carbs and have lots of potassium which helps replenish the body with electrolytes that are lost from a sweaty workout.

Well there’s a new player in town as a cup of cooked pumpkin contains 560 mg of potassium whereas the average banana only has 420 mg.

This makes pumpkin a great post workout snack.

6.) Good For The Heart

pumpkins good for heart

Pumpkin seeds contain a natural chemical called phytosterol which is effective at reducing cholesterol which as we all know clogs our arteries and causes heart disease.

7.) Improve Your Vision

pumpkins good for the eyes

Vitamin-a is very important for eye health as it helps the retina absorb and process light.

As I said earlier a single cup of pumpkin pulp contains twice your recommended daily intake so this is more than enough to give you sharper vision.

Pumpkins also contain a powerful antioxidant called zeaxanthin which is proven to help prevent cataracts.

So there you have it. Pumpkins are actually much healthier for you than you first thought.

So why not try some of these delicious pumpkin recipes this Halloween instead of throwing out all that pumpkin goodness.