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The SkinnyExpress Guide To Burning Fat Fast

Over the past few years I’ve pretty much immersed myself in the world of health and fitness in an effort to be slim, healthy and look better. It’s been a humbling experience as I started off not knowing much at all and quickly found out that I had a lot to learn. I’ve read tons [...]

By | February 14th, 2016|Exercise, Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss|0 Comments

The 3 Week Diet Program Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there, in this post I am going to be answering some questions I have seen being asked about the 3 Week Diet program. This is a very popular weight loss program that lasts for 21 days or 3 weeks and if you're interested in buying it then this post should be useful to you. [...]

By | December 13th, 2015|3 week diet|3 Comments

What To Do When You’re Finished With Phen375

As I’ve said many times before, the hardest thing about losing weight is keeping the weight off. The great thing about Phen375 is that it will help you to lose weight and fast, but what should you do after you’ve lost weight to make sure that you don’t get fat again? In my opinion the [...]

By | December 5th, 2015|Phen375|0 Comments

3 Foods to avoid if you want to lose weight with Phen375

I’ve said it a bunch of times before on this blog that losing weight is 80% diet and Phen375 is great with helping you stick to your diet because it’s an appetite suppressant. It’s so important to try to eat healthily these days. Pretty much all of our food unless you buy organic contains man [...]

By | November 29th, 2015|Phen375|0 Comments

Can Phen375 Help You If You Have A Busy Schedule?

Losing weight can be hard especially if you have a busy schedule. Many people who I speak to say that their biggest problem is that they just don’t have time to exercise and prepare healthy meals or they just don’t have the energy after a busy day to exercise. I know this exact feeling, in [...]

By | November 26th, 2015|Phen375|0 Comments