The Venus Factor

2 Ways To Turbocharge The Venus Factor For The Best Results

I think that the Venus Factor is the best weight loss program I have seen and I’ve tried and investigated most of them. The reason that I like it is because it is doable for anyone who needs to lose weight. It’s not so intense that you need to be a Navy Seal to complete. [...]

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What Equipment Do You Need To Complete The Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program for women, in this post I’m going to talk about some of the equipment that you need as you go along. Most people think that you need to join a gym to lose weight but that’s simply not true you can definitely lose weight from home. Gyms [...]

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Why Does The Venus Factor Focus On Resistance Workouts?

If you’ve bought the Venus Factor or have read my review then you’ll know that it mainly focuses on resistance workouts using weights or your own body weight. You’ll do stuff like push ups, pull ups, squats with weights, lunges and a bunch of other similar exercises. This is counter to what you see 99% [...]

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What To Do After Completing The Venus Factor Program?

Have you ever tried one of these weight loss programs, they tell you how to exercise and what to eat and a lot of them work but they don’t tell you what to do at the end. You just spent months following a program and you lose weight but then you’re left feeling confused about [...]

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Who Shouldn’t Buy The Venus Factor Program?

Although I really like the Venus Factor program I don’t think it’s for everybody. First of all it’s aimed at women but I don’t see any reason why men couldn’t use it too. It’s all about eating healthy and exercise which is pretty universal. But I don’t think it would be that useful for someone [...]

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3 Ways To Avoid Getting Hungry On The Venus Factor

As many of you reading this will know, while doing the Venus Factor program to lose weight you will need to go on a calorie deficit. This is when you reduce the amount of calories so that you body starts to burn off fat for energy. For example with the Venus Factor calculator you may [...]

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