One of the most important questions for anyone thinking about buying something is, does it work?

If you’ve read my Phen375 review then you’ll know that it worked for me and I was able to use it to lose weight.

So if you ask me then yes it works but let’s talk about how it works and will it work for you?

Phen375 is basically a fat burner. By itself it will help you to burn up to 300 calories per day through something called thermogenic burn.

This occurs because of the ingredient called Capsaicin which raises the body temperature slightly causing you to burn around 20 percent more calories than normal.

By itself this wont cause you to lose a lot of weight but it’ll help. To really lose weight you need to cut down on you calories and snacking and this is where Phen375 really comes in handy.

Because it is an appetite suppressant, Phen375 works amazingly well at helping you to stop snacking because it stops you from feeling hungry and thinking about food.

You’ll find that this fat burner works best when you follow a healthy diet and lower your calories and also exercise regularly.

A good thing to make Phen375 work best is to combine it with intermittent fasting.

This is when you go a period of time without eating, usually around 24 hours. Phen375 will obviously help you to not feel hungry while you are fasting.

If you combine it with fasting and exercise too then I guarantee that you’ll see amazing results like I did. If you don’t really know much about exercising then you can follow the workout guide that Phen375 provide or you’ll find many free workout plans all over the internet.

I like to workout in the morning and I find Phen375 gives me plenty of energy to get a good workout in and then eat afterwards. By working out on an empty stomach my body will burn fat for fuel which is the fastest way to lose weight.

So yes Phen375 definitely works, especially if you combine it with exercise and maybe even some intermittent fasting.