A question I’ve seen quite a lot recently regarding The Venus Factor is “does it work?”

Seeing as I’ve bought the program and stuck to it I feel like I’m in a pretty good position to answer this question.

First of all it isn’t easy. So this means that not everybody will complete it and they will say it doesn’t work.

You’ll need to dedicate some time to exercising and you need to eat healthily.

You’ll also be feeling hungry a lot because you’ll be on a calorie deficit so you’ll be eating less than your body needs. But this is how you lose weight.

If you’ve read my review then you’ll know that yes I lost quite a lot of weight in the 12 weeks that I followed the Venus Factor so it works if you stick to it.

The V.F system is not overly complicated it’s pretty much all about working out, eating healthily and reducing your calories which is pretty much the staple of a good workout program.

But I’ve just told you how to lose weight, eat less, eat healthy and exercise so why do you need to buy the Venus Factor?

I think the answer to this is because it lays everything out for you to follow. It makes things simple and easy to follow.

It tells you what to eat, how much to eat and how to exercise.

I find that most people buy a workout program and then before you know it they’ve seen another program that has some good marketing so they go to that and then they’ll move onto the next thing and before you know it it’s a year later and they haven’t done anything but buy a bunch of books and dvds.

It’s called shiny object syndrome and we all have it in us.

You need to recognise this and stay focused on one program whatever it may be, you wont go wrong with the Venus Factor. All you have to do is follow it and stay committed.

So yeah, if you stick to the Venus Factor then you’ll definitely lose weight as I can attest. Just try to block out all other programs and just stick to it.