Does Fasting 2 Days A Week To Lose Weight Really Work?

So I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a long time now to lose weight and if there’s one thing that I know for sure it’s that intermittent fasting works!

fasting 2 days a week for weight lossIf you don’t know what intermittent fasting is then checkout the Skinny Express guide to intermittent fasting for tips and a guide on exactly how to do it!

In this post I’m going to give you 3 quick tips on how to get the most out of intermittent fasting.

Personally I like to fast from dinner time to dinner time the next day.

This means I will eat dinner one day and then not eat again until dinner time the next day therefore I’ll go 24 hours without eating.

When I first got started with intermittent fasting I fasted 2 times per week, every 3 or 4 days.

But now I’ve reached my weight loss goals I fast once a week to make sure I don’t gain any weight.

I’ll carry on doing this for life.

Here’s a few tips to get the most out of your fasts.

Tip #1

It’s ok to drink coffee and green tea on your fasts. Black coffee is a good metabolism booster and will help perk you up when your energy is running low.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and always helps perk me up when I’m fasting.

Remember that the whole point of fasting is to not consume any calories so you’ll be low on energy at some point. Coffee and tea will help get you through it!

Tip #2

Exercise works wonders on a fast.

Now I know what you’re thinking, exercising while fasting?! Are you crazy?

Trust me doing some exercise on the last 30-60 minutes of a fast will turbo charge the amount of fat you’ll burn.

When you fast your body burns through all of its stored energy.

As you come to the end of a fast your body starts to burn fat for energy as it doesn’t have any energy left from recently digested food.

So by exercising, which requires a lot of energy your body will churn through its stored fat to help get you through the workout.

Exercising while fasting won’t be the nicest of experiences but it’s really not that bad and you can feel good knowing that you’re becoming a fat burning machine.

Tip #3

Don’t over eat after you’ve finished fasting.

Many people think it’s ok to go and binge eat after a fast because they haven’t eaten in 24 hours. By doing this they may as well have not even fasted to begin with.

So after you’ve finished fasting just eat your normal size dinner and carry on as usual.

Getting hungry while on a fast can be quite common as a lot of people aren’t used to not eating.

This post here will help give you some tips on pushing through the hunger pangs.

So there’s a few tips to help you with your fasting. Don’t forget to read the Skinny Express guide to intermittent fasting!

And to answer your question does fasting 2 days a week to lose weight really work?

The answer is a big YES! Fasting is the best way I know to burn fat fast, so do it!


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Hi Emily, thank you for all your post and the positive comments. My question do you know how much caffeine each capsule contains? For example does one capsule contain the equivalent to an average 8 ounce American cup of coffee?? I love my morning coffee and I just want to make sure I’m balancing the intake of caffeine in the capsules with my morning coffee.


Have you considered actually reading the label on the caffeine capsule container?


Have you considered reading when that question was posted? I’m sure they figured it out over a year later


Nice one Tim 😉

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