Getting hungry sucks and unfortunately when we’re trying to lose weight hunger is something that bothers us all.

Phen375 is great because it’s an appetite suppressant but unfortunately the appetite suppressant part of it wears off after a couple of hours so here’s 6 ways to avoid getting hungry on Phen375.

1.) The first thing that you need to do is to drink more water especially when you’re feeling hungry. Water has an amazing way of making you feel fuller.

2.) Keep busy. I always find that I get hungry when I’m not doing anything such as sitting on the sofa watching t.v. By just doing something and keeping busy I find that I can control my hunger much better.

I like to write or do some housework while listening to some music. Before I know it a couple of hours have passed and I’ve avoided snacking.

3.) If you really are going to snack it’s best to snack on something healthy like some grapes and a carrot and a cup of green tea or black coffee. Coffee may just give you some energy you need and the fruit will make you feel better because you ate something healthy.

4.) Brush your teeth when you’re feeling hungry. Food doesn’t taste as nice when you’ve brushed your teeth so when you’re starting to feel hungry give your teeth a good clean. I’ve found this a good way to prevent snacking.

5.) Workout when you’re feeling hungry. I always find that after I workout I don’t feel hungry for an hour or so. Plus when you add the fact that a good workout can last 45 minutes or more you can see this is a good way to avoid eating for a couple of hours.

Also working out when you’re hungry is the best time to exercise because you’re body doesn’t have any digested food to use as energy so it will burn fat faster during the workout.

6.) Get away from food. A great way to stop yourself from snacking is to get away from food and go for a walk.

So although Phen375 is brilliant try these tips to avoid getting hungry or to help you break through the hunger when it does come.