A while ago when I first got started with Eat Stop Eat and intermittent fasting I went into work one day and went about my usual business.

When it came to lunch time and I wasn’t eating like usual people who I work with started asking me why I wasn’t eating and they were shocked when I told them about intermittent fasting.

They started telling me that it’s not safe and you need to eat and your body will go into starvation mode and store fat which will make you fatter.

When you start doing intermittent fasting I’m sure that at some point if you tell someone what you’re doing then you’ll probably get a similar reaction.

So are they right? Is intermittent fasting dangerous?

The truth is that intermittent fasting is completely safe and your body won’t go into starvation mode and start storing fat just from going 24 hours without eating.

This is just a common misconception.

What actually happens is that you body burns off more fat as your body burns through its glucose stores and starts burning fat for fuel.

I have fasted hundreds of times and have found it to be an amazing way to lose weight and improve my health.

I also find that on my fasting days I still have plenty of energy most times I even have enough energy to exercise and get the full fat burning benefits.

Fasting is only dangerous if you do it for longer than 72 hours. 24 or even 48 hours are perfectly safe periods of time to fast for.

One problem I do find sometimes towards the end of a fast when my energy levels get low due to my body burning through it’s sugar stores is that I sometimes get headaches but these go away quickly with paracetamol and are quite rare.

A few months ago I was invited out on a hike with some old friends. It was a long hike and I decided to fast that day. Not only was I able to finish the hike but I also felt amazing at the end of it.

It is just a misconception that it’s dangerous to not eat for a while plus if you read my post on what to eat while doing Eat Stop Eat then you’ll have some ideas on a good diet plan.

As someone who has been fasting for a while now using the Eat Stop Eat program I have found it perfectly safe and has done wonders for my health.