Welcome to part two of the 3 Week Diet frequently asked questions. You can read part 1 here.

In this post I’m going to answer a few more questions I’ve seen being asked about the 3wd program to give you more information if you’re thinking about buying it.

If you don’t already know, the 3 Week Diet program is a fantastic system to burn fat super fast and it only lasts 21 days.

So let’s get started.

Does the 3 Week Diet program really work?

The short answer is yes. It really does work. Not only will you be on a calorie deficit but you’ll also be doing something called intermittent fasting which is actually one of the most powerful ways to burn fat known to man.

On top of that you’ll be cycling through several different diets to stop your body getting used to any one diet. Each of them are proven effective at burning fat.

And to top it all off you’ll be exercising regularly too which I’m sure I don’t have to tell you is going to help you burn fat.

All of this is done in 21 days to form one of the best programs I have found to burn fat fast.

Is the 3 Week Diet a quick fix?

In a way yes it is. If you need to lose weight then the 3WD will help you do it quickly. But the term quick fix is a pretty bad way of thinking about it. A better way to put it is that the 3WD will help put you on the right track fast.

After you complete the 3WD you’ll need to continue to eat healthy and workout to make sure you don’t gain weight again.

Is the 3 Week Diet worth the money?

I would actually say that it’s worth way more than they’re currently charging.

There are other programs that charge hundreds of dollars for the information that the 3 Week Diet provides.

On top of that it gives you a blueprint to lose weight and get healthy fast which is worth it’s weight in gold as there’s nothing more important than being healthy and slim. Being overweight is the number 2 cause of unnecessary deaths in the US after smoking.

So many people would still be alive today if they had done something like the 3 Week Diet to lose weight. It’s very sad.

Can the 3 Week Diet help you if you have a lot of weight to lose?

The more weight you have to lose = the more rounds of the 3WD you’ll need to do.

The 3WD can help anybody no matter how much weight you have to lose. If you don’t reach your weight loss goals with the 3WD then just start from the beginning again. You’ll lose weight every time you go through the program.

What do you need to complete the 3 Week Diet?

There are a few supplements recommended in the 3 Week Diet program. One of them being whey protein powder. You don’t actually need this as you can get your protein from egg whites, chicken, tuna etc but it actually works out a lot cheaper to get your protein from whey protein over the 21 days you’ll be doing the 3 Week Diet.

You’ll also need either a gym membership or your own set of dumbbells and a workout bench. personally I workout from home as I prefer it that way.

You really don’t need that much to get through the 3WD.

Can I do the 3 Week Diet program for longer than 3 weeks?

Absolutely. If you have gone through the 3 weeks and found that you still have more weight to lose then you can certainly do it again as many times as you need.

I would recommend taking a few days of rest after each 21 days before starting over again though. Rest periods are important too.

And the 3 Week Diet also has some good information on not gaining weight again after you’ve met your weight loss goals so you can make the 3WD a part of you life and it will help you stay healthy forever.

Where can I learn more?

If you haven’t already done so then you can read through my full 3 Week Diet review where I go into more depth about what it was like when I did it.