If you’ve read my Venus Factor review then you’ll know that I got pretty good results from sticking with this program.

In just 12 weeks I was able to lose around 28 pounds of fat. This is a lot and it was pretty much all down to sticking with the Venus Factor system.

In my first month I lost 11 pounds, around 3 pounds per week. Over the 3 months that I did this system for I ended up losing the most weight in the first month because it’s easier to lose weight when you have lots to lose.

As you start to get slimmer it becomes a bit more difficult to lose weight.

I found the first month to be the easiest because I had a lot of weight to lose my energy levels were enough to keep me going.

As the months progressed things got tougher but at no point did I ever feel like I needed to quit the Venus Factor because it was too hard.

In my second month I lost 9 pounds. I also started taking Phen375 this month too and I found this amazing at helping me to burn fat and up my energy levels.

I also started doing some intermittent fasting this month too which is basically where you go for periods without eating to reduce your calories.

This means your energy levels will be low but I found the Phen375 to help with this.

In my last month I lost 7 pounds and I noticed a huge difference in the way I looked and felt after completing the Venus Factor. When I started to up my calories and eat for maintenance I found I had so much more energy now that I wasn’t carrying around all that fat anymore.

If you know anything about losing weight then you’ll know that the hardest thing to do after you complete a workout program is to keep the weight off.

After I completed the Venus Factor for a few days I almost went back to my old ways, but thankfully I realized what I was doing and told myself that I mustn’t go back to my old ways otherwise I get fat again.

It’s important to remember that exercise and healthy eating are for life not just for a few months while you do a weight loss program. If you’re confused about what to do after completing the Venus Factor then my advice is to just start over again if you have more weight to lose.

I had great results with the Venus Factor and I’m sure you will too, just remember to stick with it.