The Venus Factor is a weight loss program for women, in this post I’m going to talk about some of the equipment that you need as you go along.

Most people think that you need to join a gym to lose weight but that’s simply not true you can definitely lose weight from home.

Gyms are expensive and thankfully you can get just as good results with the Venus Factor and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do it.

So here’s some of the equipment that you’ll need.

1:) A Yoga Mat

yoga mat venus factor

This is the mat that I use, it has good grippage to stop you from sliding around when you’re trying to exercise. I pretty much do all my workouts on this mat.

2.) Weights

bowflex weights

You can start off with some 5lb dumbbells but sooner or later you’ll need something heavier. I bought myself these adjustable bowflex dumbbells. You change the weight by adjusting the knob on the side. They go from 5lb up to 48lb which is very heavy for me.

The max I ever use is 20lb on some of the exercises.

3.) Pull Up Bar

pull up bar

When I started the Venus Factor it was impossible for me to do a pull up. The pull up bar hangs over your door.

But the assistor makes it easier so a beginner can get started doing pull ups. Pretty soon you’ll be able to do a pull up without an assistor.

4.) A Workout Bench

This is the bench that I use.

workout bench

I recommend that you get a bench but to be honest you can go without it if you have a sturdy chair.

5.) I also picked myself up some push up bars, they were quite cheap. They allow you to go deeper into the push up which is great for toning up the chest.pushup2

6.) A Heart Rate Monitor

I don’t think this is necessary but I was given one for my birthday and I quite like it.

It tracks how many calories that you are burning and what you heart rate is.

It’s good to keep your heart rate above 160 when exercising so when I see that my heart rate is below that I know I need to pick up the pace.

One of the good things about the Venus Factor is you can do it with a busy schedule and you don’t need to spend that much on equipment.

And that’s about it really for the equipment that I use. I talk more about the workouts in my Venus Factor review in-case you want to learn more.