Over the past couple of years it seems that intermittent fasting has become hugely popular. It is now widely recognized as a powerful way to burn fat.

The guy who really made intermittent fasting popular is Brad Pilon when he came out with his ebook called Eat Stop Eat.

The premise of intermittent fasting is that you go a period of time without eating in order to create a calorie deficit. By doing this your body starts to burn fat for energy causing you to lose weight.

Fasts usually last up to 24 hours although it’s safe to do up to 48 hours of fasting if you want to get extreme. Personally I’ve never done longer than around 27 hours.

If you’ve read my Eat Stop Eat review then you’ll know that when you buy you get an ebook that explains the system in full, including what to eat and how to exercise.

Yes you read that right, you’ll need to exercise too.

Combining exercise with intermittent fasting is in my opinion the best way to lose weight possible. Here’s why.

When you go on a fast you are not eating or consuming any calories. For the first part of the fast your body uses up your glucose or the sugar in your blood to give you energy. During the last part of the fast when your glucose levels are low you body starts to burn fat for fuel.

And this is how you lose weight. By exercising at the end of a fast you are taking advantage of that window of opportunity when your body is burning fat, by exercising your body needs to use up more energy therefore it burns more fat.

You can literally feel your body burning fat when you do intermittent fasting. It feels great.

Some people make the mistake when following Eat Stop Eat that it’s ok to eat their calories back after a fast. They think that because they have just gone 24 hours without eating that it’s ok to eat what they want.

If you do this then fasting won’t work for you.

Many people also struggle with fasting at first because they don’t know the best times to fast. Some people fast from breakfast to breakfast and some people fast from dinner to dinner. Personally I prefer the latter.

Eat Stop Eat will help you figure out the best time to fast without fasting becoming a burden.

The best thing you can do is follow the exact system laid out in Eat Stop Eat as it shows you how to lose weight effectively through fasting.