Have you ever tried one of these weight loss programs, they tell you how to exercise and what to eat and a lot of them work but they don’t tell you what to do at the end.

You just spent months following a program and you lose weight but then you’re left feeling confused about how to maintain your new weight loss or even take yourself to the next level.

One thing I like about the Venus Factor is that you can carry on using it long term.

The reason being is that the calorie calculator not only calculates how much you need to eat to lose weight but also how much to eat to maintain your weight.

Since I completed the Venus Factor program and lost weight I used the V.F calculator to calculate how many calories I need just to maintain me new weight, so no calorie deficit.

On top of that I just eat healthily like I did while I was following the program.

I’m also continuing to follow the set workout programs and even making up my own with all the new exercises I learned.

You can get great results following the Venus Factor and then using it to maintain your weight or you can then take yourself to the next level and try a more intense workout program such as P90X which is pretty grueling and not for the average person.

The Venus Factor is a good stepping stone to get yourself ready for something like P90X which can get you into the super fit category.

But personally I’m way too busy to do something that intense so thankfully I can use what I learned in the Venus Factor for a long time to come.

I think it’s extremely important that you don’t relapse when you finish a workout program.

It’s so easy for you to go back to your old ways and before you know it you’ve put back on all that weight you spent ages losing.

So whatever program you decide to use to lose weight, make sure that you have a schedule ready for when you’ve completed the program to keep yourself on the right track, even if that means just starting the program again from the beginning.