As I’ve said many times before, the hardest thing about losing weight is keeping the weight off.

The great thing about Phen375 is that it will help you to lose weight and fast, but what should you do after you’ve lost weight to make sure that you don’t get fat again?

In my opinion the best way to maintain a healthy weight and not get fat is to master intermittent fasting.

This is when you take a break from eating for around 24 hours. By doing this just once per week you can prevent yourself from gaining unwanted fat.

For example you may want to fast by eating your dinner and then not eating again until dinner time the next day thereby going around 24 hours without eating. This creates a calorie deficit and also raises the metabolism.

By doing this once per week you can almost guarantee that you won’t get fat again as long as you don’t overeat too much on the other days.

You may also want to consider exercising at the end of a fast because your energy levels will be low and the body will go straight to burning fat for energy in the workout.

You could even take Phen375 once per week on your fasting day and do this long term. Phen375 and intermittent fasting make a great combination.

To make sure that you don’t put weight on after you finish with Phen375 it’s also important to exercise regularly. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes per day.

I recommend resistance training and even interval training instead of just the normal cardio of running on a treadmill. Resistance training is much more effective at burning fat.

And lastly it’s so important to remember that diet is 80% of losing weight and staying slim. If you start going back to your old ways and over eating junk food then you will put back on all the weight you lost from Phen375.

I recommend eating real food that isn’t made in a factory. Try to only eat fruits, vegetables and lean protein and take a multivitamin every day.

Trust me you’ll feel so much better when you cut out junk food from your diet. So after you’ve finished with Phen375 just exercise regularly, checkout intermittent fasting and eat healthily and you’ll improve your health for life.