When Is The Best Time To Work Out According To The Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is a term used to mention our body clock.

Our body has a cycle that tells our bodies the correct time to eat, sleep and rise which is defined as the circadian rhythm.

This internal body clock depends on various factors that include environmental cues like temperature and light.

According to the circadian rhythm there’s an optimal time for your body to train.

The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle of internal body clock which controls the physiological processes such as control of hormones, metabolism, sleep/wake schedule and even strength/efficiency.

There have been a lot of studies to understand this circadian rhythm in determining the best time to do certain activities.

Almost every activity of our body peaks at certain times while being low at others.

Of course they are not rigidly same for everyone.

The circadian rhythm might vary from individual to individual depending on the person’s lifestyle, sleep cycle and other activities.

For an average person who works during the day and sleeps during the night, measures of strength and power seem to be highest in the afternoon/evening.

So, it’s only fitting that this is also the best time to work out.

Why Afternoon/Evening?

Did you know that most world records in sporting events have been set in the mid-afternoon or evening?

Various studies have shown that cardiovascular efficiency and muscle strength is greatest during this time period.

So for maximum performance afternoon workouts are great but if you can’t do an afternoon workout then don’t worry because working out at anytime of the day will have it’s benefits so do what’s right for you!

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